Vesteva Cape Coral Vacation Home Property Management

Vesteva Cape Coral Vacation Home Property Management

Vesteva specializes in Residential Property Management, Florida Vacation Rental Property Management, and Annual Rental Management for Cape Coral and the Southwest Florida area.

Scope of Property Management Services Offered:

  • Monthly account statements with breakdown of services rendered
  • End of Year final account statement prepared for owners accountant
  • Maintenance of incoming mail and bill paying
  • Coordination and check of all service companies such as lawn service, pool service, pest control etc.
  • Coordination and check of all necessary repairs
  • Hook up or transfer of all service companies such as water, electric, phone, insurance etc. (we are always determined to find the best suitable service for the best price)
  • Switching on and off of all electric appliance after tenant departure or tenant arrival
  • Coordination and check of the cleaning maids before arrival of new tenants
  • Disposing of garbage after tenant departure
  • Weekly check of the property
  • Monthly complete check of the property including but not limited to:
    - Flushing the toilets and running the water in the house
    - Check the solar system from the roof for leaks
    - Check the property for damages
    - Check the property of any sign of burglary, check if the house is locked
    - Check for insects or ants
    - Check the lights and if needed change light bulbs
    - Check trees and plants
    - Check and control the sprinkler system

Scope of Vacation/Seasonal Rental Services Offered:

  • Collection of security deposits, rent as well as county and state taxes
  • Reimbursement of security deposits after tenant departure
  • End of year statements to account holders
    Coordination of tenant occupancy to ensure maximum rental capacity
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Annual Rental Management Services:

Vesteva offers two different types of programs for our annual rental property owners:

  1. One months rent as a placement fee; no property management services after the initial placement.  A tenant is guaranteed for four months.
  2. One months rent as a placement fee plus 10% of the rental amount as a monthly property management fee.  Property management services include:
  • Monthly property drive by’s to ensure the property is properly maintained
  • Quarterly check on the interior of the property
  • Collection of rental funds and deposits into the property owners personal account as requested.
  • Coordinating repairs as well as checking repairs after completion
  • Acting as a liaison between guests and property owners.

Vesteva’s Screening Process for any New Rental Applicants:

Annual Rental Application Guidelines:

  • Credit Score of 550 or higher
  • Employment Verification (steady, consecutive employment for last 6 months)
  • Rental or Ownership history for the last 24 consecutive months.
  • Monthly net income of 2.5x the monthly rent
  • Clean Criminal Background and no evictions

Documents required in order to process an application:

  • Completed application
  • 3 months’ worth of bank statements
  • Copies of driver’s licenses for every occupant above the age of 18
Application Fee $100.00 (cash, money order, cashier’s check only! No personal checks) for every occupant above the age of 18.

Property Owner Reviews

Dear Vesteva Team,
Thank you so much for the wonderful customer appreciation evening!  It was obvious the rapport you have established, which has attributed to your
success.  We appreciate your effort not only at the customer appreciation evening, but your customer service exceeds expectations.
Larry & Faith

A quick note on behalf of Bonnie & Charlie and Wendy and myself to thank you and the Vesteva team for a wonderful evening at the reception in your home. We all enjoyed ourselves! It was a pleasure to meet you (in person), to see Vanessa again, to meet Rudy, Stefan and Robert and to get to know some other Vesteva “residents”. We appreciated the warm hospitality, the food was excellent and the conversations were very pleasant!
Thank-you for including us in what was a wonderful evening!
Best regards,
Don & Wendy, Bonnie & Charlie