Annual Rentals in the Cape Coral Area

Cape Coral Annual Luxury Rentals

Annual Rentals in the Cape Coral Area

Let us help you find your perfect Cape Coral Vacation Home Rental - Annual or Seasonal.

Our qualified and experienced staff will ease the rental process for your new Florida home - from start to finish. Vesteva owner Steffen Vetter is a licensed Real Estate Broker for Vesteva Real Estate as well as Vesteva Rentals & Property Management. 
Born and raised in Germany, he brings "German preciseness" to the table and is reliable as well as timely when it comes to business matters and helping you rent a residential property in Cape Coral, Florida.
His expertise in both the buying and selling real estate as well as Florida real estate rental and property management make Steffen a valuable resource for anyone interested in renting a home or condo in the Cape Coral, Florida, area.

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